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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of situation up firm elements on your website to make it easier for search engines, like Google, Bing to search and evaluate the information available. At its most basic, SEO gives you the opportunity to reach your goal audience as they are actively finding for information related to your products and services. Without it, you risk losing potential clients to your competitor simply because their website appears higher in search results than yours.

At Digital Veloce, a SEO agency in USA, we can help you get better your SEO marketing technique and begin growing the organic traffic to your website. As we work to estimate your current ranking and get better your ranking in search results, your services and online presence will grow.

We increase organic traffic on average by 88%

Digital Veloce has been executing data-driven SEO campaigns since 2017. We’ve been through every search engine algorithm update, move hundreds of websites, and successfully execute search engine best practices for customers of all agencies and

We drive results through SEO audits, SEO technique development, complete keyword research, content marketing strategy, optimization of your local SEO services, mobile/page speed optimizations, and much more. We guarantee that your website is optimized overall to search engine best practices and personalize every SEO engagement to your exact requirements to ensure that we are plugging in where essential to improve your search results.

Our expert team of analysts, certified in a number of platforms such as Google Analytics, helps brands make smarter marketing decisions by delivering the understandable and actionable data required to make optimizations rapidly. We stay ahead of the ever-changing search engine environment and back our SEO services with firm data, analytics, and projections.

How We Operate

At Digital Veloce, we create data-driven SEO strategies centered on three pillars:



A key part of an SEO strategy understands how search engines crawling your website for information. Our SEO experts will update your site architecture and technical schemas to abide by best practices and increase your site’s credibility.

Creating a technical SEO strategy:

  • Apply SSL
  • Decrease site load time (desktop and mobile)
  • Eliminate 404s or broken pages and links
  • Eliminate mixed content issues
  • Eliminate duplicate content.
  • Disavow toxic back links.
  • Create an XML sitemap and submit it.


Search engines have a very particular way of crawling your website, and the fun part is: it’s always changing. Because of this, it’s important to optimize the code and structure of your site to ensure you are giving search engines the best chance at indexing and ranking your website.

In order to gauge the technical health of your website, we start off with a comprehensive SEO audit. This deliverable provides you with a roadmap of prioritized next steps to optimize your website and provide a baseline for the ongoing search engine optimization of your site.

Our SEO team can then plug in with your development team directly to consult on the implementation or utilize our in-house development team to implement the recommendations for you. We go where you need us.

Our technical audits analyze the following:

  • Crawl ability and index ability
  • Site architecture
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Meta Tag (Title, Description, Keyword)
  • Header Tag (H1, H2, H3)
  • Link portfolio
  • Structured data markup
  • Image optimization
  • Penalty assessment and recovery
  • Local SEO

This inspect will provide you with the steps essential to make your website search engine friendly and start you down the path of a well-ranking, optimized website.

Our SEO team will also keep track of those google algorithm updates for you so we can stay on top of search engine best practices and you can stay focused on your work.Learn more about the technical SEO services at Digital Veloce.


Not all SEO work happens on your website. In fact, some of the most significant aspects of SEO happen off your website.

Google’s algorithm looks at the quantity of quality, relevant and trustworthy links point back to your web pages to verify if you are a decent source for content. We call this “Offsite SEO”. it takes accurate research, strategizing, and execution to be successful.

Our SEO team develops overall offsite strategies utilizing the following tactics:

  • Ethical backlink building strategy
  • Link retrieval
  • Elimination of nefarious backlinks
  • Local SEO services
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Branded mention monitoring
  • Targeted content distribution
  • Penalty recovery

Offsite SEO takes time and requires know-how to do correctly. There are various factors that come into play to build relationships for linking purposes and get better your offsite authority. Learn more about the off-page SEO services at Digital Veloce.


SEO is an important part for the online accomplishment of businesses

At Digital Veloce, we have made our customers business unmatched success with accomplishment in SEO project. Our mission is to make higher our name in the business apart from giving productive results to our customers. With surplus of talents in the SEO team, we boost your brand or business presence online among the vicious competition. We promote white hat technique in SEO with an ethical strategy. Our best SEO performs enable us to transcend business reach along with giving greatest satisfaction to customers.